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(Profile picture used (c) Dzorek)

"The Cybertronian to become Optimus Prime was once a simple data clerk, satisfied with his occupation. It wasn't until he took notice of an outspoken gladiator named Megatron and his call for an upheaval of Cybertronian society that he realized he was dissatisfied with his lot in life; he realized the oppressive caste system hindered the freedom of all the sentient beings on Cybertron. For an amount of time, he was unaware that his mentor, archivist Alpha Trion, knew of a secret potential within the data clerk. Cybertronian history was at a precipice. Once he and Megatron discovered they did not have as much in common as they once believed, the lowly data clerk was promoted by the High Council to be the next Prime.

Over the centuries, loss and war have led Optimus to appear stern and serious to most. But scratch the surface, and you will find an individual who greatly cares for his fellow living beings, with a warmth and kindness his closest friends can rely on. You shall also find regret over the loss of a comrade to darkness, and the faintest glimmer of hope that he can be saved."


[Note: Please note that this is a communications link, via the World Wide Web. Prime's primary objective is ensuring the safety of his fellow sentient beings, and due to this he is not available for "glomping" or any other form of physical interaction. Additionally, any attempted twisting of the canon past (ie. "I'm Optimus's long lost girlfriend/sparkling/brother/sister/lover! OMG.", etc.) shall not be tolerated. There is a lovely 'spam' button designated for said type of individuals. Please do be courteous of that fact. Optimus does not wish to shun the very beings he aims to protect.

Other than that, he looks forward to interacting with you all.

For more information, please visit the Rules page. ]


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Paige : Hello,  Optimus.  I'm Paige
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I hope you didn't forget about me, Prime. It would be a pity to remind you what I am capable of. I am sure dhe humans wouldn't be happy about my second test strike with a "certain" gun.
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Machette: Hello sir.
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Hello optimus *Smiles polietly*
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((Oops sorry just noticed your rules ^^;))

Hello optimus...How fares the war?
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Hello Sir, How are you doing?
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